Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Days gone by: birthdays

I've always loved a good piece of cake, and these photgraphs of me and my little sister (aged 4 and 2 respectiavely) prove it don't they just? Look at me with my beady eyes, eager for a slice of that huge 'gateaux'. I mean, I am almost 'helping' her blow out the candles!

Birthdays for my little sister - as I remember - consisted of going on holiday, visiting a huge hypermarket in France or Italy and choosing a 'gateaux' for her birthday. Be it 'black forest', with its huge cherries, mounds of whipped cream and chocolate, or strawberries and cream sponge cake, they were always a delight to choose. Funnily enough I don't remember much of my birthday cakes, I do remember the parties though. Since my birthday is always in the bitter cold winter I never celebrated it on holiday in the sunshine, or got a french gateaux, but I do fondly remember dancing to the 'birdy song', pass the parcel and musical chairs.

Later, when my sister was a bit older, she got to have birthday parties too (as her birthday fell during school time), allbeit in the garden so never any snow cancellations for her!

You can't pick your birthday and when it will fall, and I know we both enjoy our winter and summer birthdays; she has friends who can't come as they are on holiday and I have guests who cancel purely because their cars won't start in the snow!

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