Monday, 15 August 2011

Cupcake party!

My good neighbours and friends, will shortly be moving to Norway and what better way to say Cheerio than with a Princess party? I turned up with a box of cupcakes and boxes of pretty pink princess decorations (blue aeroplanes and fondant lego for the boys!), buttercream and some cupcake toppers and bobs your uncle - a princess party was born!

Amazing how quiet is was when they all got down to cupcakes decorating business!

Ready made cupcake party 6 children (2 cupcakes per child):
Box of 12 regular cupcakes
6 small boxes of handmade fondant decorations
12 cupcakes toppers
Tub of buttercream


Cupcake party packages for more than 6 also possible.

All you need is some kids!

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