Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wedding cakes

The wedding cake of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was, to me, absolutely magnificent. I am not a fan of the word 'awesome' but it really was awesome. I don't know if you know but there were 900 flowers on the cake (17 different types of bloom or foliage for their symbolism), it took 5 weeks to complete and cost a whopping €55,000?! The sheer amount of work and quality of the work was amazing, goodness knows how the happy couple decided which cake to cut into?
This week i was honored to bake and decorate Sjouk & Alec's wedding cake (on a much easier to manage scale than Kate & Williams!), inside of which was red velvet sponge cake. I was most pleased with the result, I hope you agree, it turned out well. I particularly loved the 'S hearts A' (which brought back memories of what most girls in my class wrote on their school books...), which was their personal addition to the cake. As was the wheat on top and sides represented the wheat fields near the Brides home where the wedding reception was held, and they loved the idea of pearl dusted roses, leaves and hydrangea flowers.
I hope they both had a wonderful day!
I'd get married just for a cake, wouldn't you?

note: the last few photo's are of the Duke & Duchess's wedding cake ;)

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