Monday, 7 November 2011

Maddie's Garden

Happy Birthday to my niece, Maddie who turned 7 yesterday! Saturday was spent baking her cake together with my sister and Maddie herself, scraping the mixture, mixing it and adding all the ingredients. My sister and I were quite worried she'd lift the mixer out of the bowl whilst it was still turned on allowing for a possible 'sh*t hit the fan' visual of cake mixture pretty much everywhere...but it didn't happen!
And in fact the cake turned out very well! Thanks to my sister, Claire, for making brilliant cabbages, pumpkins and peas (you can have a job anyday!), Maddies sign, and not forgetting the Mud pie, Maddie for making the flowers and carrots, yours truly made the swan and rabbit. I must say if you ever make this for any youngster do make a few more rabbits as they will all want one and if you have extra you can just pop one on their piece of cake!! Saves a lot of arguments...

Maddie was so happy with her cake that she couldn't stop laughing with all the attention when she was supposed to be blowing out the candles ;)

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